Minds in Motion Children’s Museum Updates!

Since our initial fundraising campaign in July, 2017, we have raised over $30,000. Our Founding 50 campaign is a continual fundraiser to support the initial costs involved to open a children’s museum with the overall goal of reaching $50,000 or more through the generous gifts of $1,000+ from 50 individuals, businesses, or foundations in and around the Delmarva Peninsula. Funding from this campaign will specifically go towards consultant fees (specializing in emerging museum planning and feasibility studies), exhibit development, marketing, capital campaign development, and most importantly, community outreach.

Just recently we partnered with NorthStar Museums and Education to do a feasibility study. The purpose of this study is to validate and/or modify the perspective of MiM based on market information, industry practice and the viability of long term sustainability of a children’s museum in the Salisbury area. Additionally, NorthStar prepared preliminary planning documents to support MiM on what a children’s museum could look like within our specific market. NorthStar maintains a conservative approach to children’s museum planning as they have seen too many institutions struggle to be sustainable due to overly optimistic goals and financial estimates. As of such they agreed with the concept initially identified by the the MiM Founders to plan conservatively and design a children’s museum targeting our specific demographics and area information.

As a result of this feasibility study we have just received confirmation from NorthStar that our initial concept and design can support and sustain a children’s museum in our area. This is very good news for all of us!

We are excited to proceed with the next planning phases for Minds in Motion. Next steps would be to take our concept designs and research and reach out to local businesses (Salisbury University, Peninsula Regional Medical Center, Pohanka, McGee Animal Hospital, Acme, Rommel Group) to find out how we can partner with them to work towards bringing our vision of a children’s museum to life as their support will be instrumental for us to reach our mission.

We also were recently awarded a Community Needs grant from CFES. This clearly demonstrates that our community is continuing to acknowledge and support the powerful impact a children’s museum would have on families and businesses in our area. And we will need the support and assistance of our community to help make our mission a reality:

To provide children a place to explore, discover, and create through interactive exhibits and educational programs, igniting curiosity and fostering a lifetime love of learning.


Vira Ogburn,

President/Co-Founder Minds in Motion Children’s Museum


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