City of Salisbury Announces Partnership with Salinas, Ecuador

Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce Salisbury’s most recent Sister Cities Partnership with the City of Salinas, Ecuador.

Starting off the New Year by expanding our international reach, Mayor Day joined Mayor Daniel Cisneros of Salinas in signing a Memorandum of Understanding to recognize the City of Salinas, Ecuador as Salisbury’s newest Sister City. The purpose of this partnership is to “promote, support, and encourage exchanges and cooperative activities” while serving as a “conduit of information”, encouraging social interactions and community development that will serve to benefit both Salisbury and Salinas.

Salinas is a beautiful coastal city boasting a population of roughly 50,000. Regarded by many as Ecuador’s premiere beach resort city, Salinas has a robust tourist economy as it serves as an affordable vacation destination. Through our partnership with the City of Salinas, which was formalized on January 25th of this year, we hope to provide opportunities for mutually beneficial educational and economic partnerships through cultural, social, and informational exchanges.

Salisbury is proud to have longstanding relationships within Ecuador. Earlier this year, our partnership with the Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment and the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center helped us to Welcome Pinocchio as the newest member of the Salisbury Zoo. The friendships our zookeepers established with their peers in Ecuador, which transcend linguistic and geographic borders, serve as an example for the type of relationships that we look forward to fostering with the City of Salinas.

Mayor Day stated “I am pleased to join with Mayor Cisneros of Salinas in signing the Salisbury-Salinas Sister Cities Partnership. This agreement stands to benefit the citizens of both Salisbury and Salinas as we have helped to forge a path of transformational economic and educational opportunities. I am honored to call Salinas, Ecuador our Sister City.”

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