Mayor Day Joins 235 Mayors from 47 States Opposing Dismantling of EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Mayor Day is honored to join 235 Mayors from 47 states and territories in a comment letter to the Environmental Protection Agency, opposing efforts to dismantle the Clean Power Plan.
This is the second time Mayor Day has joined forces with this group, now named the “Climate Mayors”, the first when he joined the voices of support for the Paris climate agreement. Mayor Day is dedicated to promoting the importance of acknowledging and addressing climate change as it affects Salisbury and our entire globe, both from an environmental and economic perspective.
From the letter, “Not only are climate change impacts felt locally — our communities are also where climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts are being implemented. But the legal authority of cities and other municipalities generally extends only as far as their state governments and federal law allow, and as a result, our local efforts to address climate change are highly sensitive to national policies like the Clean Power Plan, which shape markets, steer state action, and have large direct impacts on nationwide emissions.”
Mayor Day adds “I am honored to join forces with such passionate and dedicated public servants to share the importance of the EPA’s role in the health of our communities and our planet. This letter, much like the letter nearly 400 of us signed in 2017 urging our continued participation in the Paris Climate Accord, expresses our concerns with lowered priority of the health of our environment, and thus the citizens who live in it. We cannot preserve and act locally in violation of state and federal laws and could lose funding for such causes. This affects each of us and we as civic leaders feel it is our duty as public servants to stand up.

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