Top 10 Reasons to Register – Disability Equality Index

Registration Deadline: January 12th

American Airlines, CVS Health, KPMG, Microsoft, and many other Fortune 500-1000 companies use the DEI to gain insight into their disability inclusion policies and programs. Is your company registered?

It only takes 10 minutes to sign your company up for the nationally recognized disability inclusion benchmarking tool. Remember, USBLN partners can take the DEI for free. Email us for the promo code.


Top 10 Reasons to Register for the Disability Equality Index

10. The DEI has been taken by over 200 companies and has become
the nation’s most trusted annual benchmarking tool.

9. You receive an objective assessment of your disability inclusion policies and practices. The final report outlines areas of excellence…and improvement.

8. The DEI measures across the enterprise with a wide range of criteria spanning culture and leadership to employment practices and community engagement.

7. You will gain ideas for improvement for your disability inclusion policies and practices. Companies frequently report that they have several “aha” moments when completing the survey.

6. The DEI is a recognition-focused, non-punitive tool. Companies that participate and receive an 80 or above are deemed DEI top-scoring companies; while those that receive below an 80 are kept confidential.

5. There are learning opportunities for every score. Any participating company can also receive customized DEI consulting services specifically geared towards increasing their DEI score.

4. Easily increase awareness about disability inclusion throughout your organization in a positive and meaningful way. Top-scoring companies found it’s great news to share both internally with employees and externally with stakeholders and applicants.

3. Benchmark your results against other participating businesses. All participants receive a complimentary copy of the 2018 DEI Annual Report, which contains aggregate results and best practice information.

2. Companies scoring above 80 are named a DEI “Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion,” and receive public recognition via press releases and social media, creating goodwill with ALL stakeholders.

1. The DEI is comprehensive: the evaluation process for this survey is methodical, taking on average 30-40 hours to determine a final score. This in-depth analysis and insight brings a level of quality, trust and accuracy that other methods cannot provide.


Still scratching your head? Feel free to contact Becky Curran, DEI Program Manager, and she can answer any questions. Email:

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