Federal Contracting Tidbits and Trivia for Wicomico County

For Fiscal Years 2015, 2016, 2017; the Federal Government awarded approximately $60.276M in government contracts in Wicomico County. To be specific, the contract ‘place of performance’ (PoP) was Wicomico County. That equals approximately $20.092M per year, in Federal Contracting dollars, in Wicomico County, as the Place of Contract Performance. Of that approximately $60M in Federal Contracting dollars won, roughly 2/3 was won by businesses in Wicomico County ($39,977,873.28). The remainder ($20,298,901.26) was won by businesses and contractors outside of Wicomico County.

Of the approximately $20M of Federal Contract work performed by businesses located outside of Wicomico County, roughly half ($10,109,225.86) was performed by vendors and contractors located outside the State of Maryland. Some of those business located outside of Maryland came from as far as Arizona, Illinois, New Hampshire, and California to perform work in Wicomico County.

Just as businesses based outside of Wicomico County performed work in Wicomico County, Wicomico County based businesses performed work outside of Maryland. Besides the usual suspects, like Wallops Island and Dover AFB, Wicomico County based businesses won Federal Contracts shipping product or providing services to places like Arizona, South Dakota, Texas, and Utah – to the tune of about $11.652M.

To give you a perspective of where the money is coming from, or where the equipment and services go, of the approximately $60M mentioned in the first paragraph, The Department of Defense awarded approximately $31.889M. The Department of Agriculture awarded approximately $8.427M.

All these millions of dollars, above, represent what we call Prime Contracting Dollars. Now check this out – as subcontractors to Prime Federal Contractors, businesses in Wicomico County won approximately $132.988M. Of that $132M, $363K was from NASA contracts and the rest were from Defense Contracts.

To sum it up, Wicomico County bases businesses have been doing quite well in winning Federal Contracting dollars, as either Primes or as subcontractors. There are millions more in Federal Contracting dollars that we have opportunities to win.

–Robert Culver, Culver Consulting

Culver Consulting is a privately owned, VA certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small- Business
(SDVOSB) and SBA certified Hub Zone Firm, located in Salisbury, Maryland. We help businesses win
government contracting dollars — finding and qualifying government contracting opportunities,
conducting funding and opportunity research, developing marketing and capture strategies, responding
to requests for proposals, invitations for bid, and requests for quotes, project planning and execution,
post-award actions and contract management and execution. We also conduct employee training in all
aspects of government contracting.

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