City Receives $350,000 Grant from DOJ’s Office on Violence Against Women

Partnership with Life Crisis Center and Telamon, Inc. will use grant to fund transitional housing, counseling
for victims of domestic violence

The City of Salisbury is pleased to announce the receipt of a grant award from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence against Women. In conjunction with the Life Crisis Center and Telamon Corporation, the $350,000 award will create a transitional housing program for women actively fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault, dating abuse, or stalking.

“Securing safe and affordable housing is a critical first step for many women fleeing an abusive relationship,” says Theo Williams, Housing & Homelessness Manager. “Unfortunately, abusers frequently use housing and a lack of income as a means of control to ensure that their victims can’t leave. This grant fund addresses this critical problem by giving women the safety and security to leave their abusers knowing that they will have a place to live.”

The funding, which will be distributed over three years, will enable the Life Crisis Center to hire a housing specialist, in addition to providing short-term rental funding for up to 9 households, annually. Women in the program will also be offered free enrollment in Telamon Corporation’s highly successful Food and Safety Training program, a 14-week intensive course that enables participants to receive a ServSafe certification. The City will also partner with the Life Crisis Center to create a single-family transitional house that may become homeowner-occupied.

“What a terrific way to celebrate Domestic Violence Awareness month,” said Life Crisis Center Director, Abigail Marsh. “Life Crisis Center is committed to helping victims become survivors. We are thrilled to be partnering with the City of Salisbury and Telamon to provide additional support to victims of domestic violence in our community.”

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day said, “Four of the seven homicides we’ve seen in the past year occurred as the result of a domestic issue. Four of seven committed by people who were close to their victims. Domestic violence has historically been an ugly, poorly-kept secret in so many communities across the country. Unnoticed by those who could help – sometimes ignored because it’s uncomfortable to confront. We will not abide mental abuse, physical abuse, or any circumstance which leads to the loss of dignity or peace of mind.

“We are creating change in our City, and in our community at large, by seeking out opportunities such as this partnership, this grant funding, to implement innovative solutions right here. It’s why we created the Housing and Community Development Department; to bring needed attention to the issues in our community which have too long gone unaddressed. By partnering with Life Crisis Center and Telamon on this initiative, we’re bringing resources together in a new, inventive way, to provide support, escape, haven for anyone who may find themselves in an abusive situation.”

The Life Crisis Center intends to begin full operation of this program by January 2018, but continues to operate its crisis shelter 24×7 for anyone fleeing domestic violence. If you are experiencing domestic violence or have been a victim of sexual assault, please call the Life Crisis Center at (410) 749-HELP or 211.


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