Newest Pharmacist to Apple!

Apple Discount Drugs is pleased to announce the addition of Matthew Balish to the Fruitland pharmacy team. Balish graduated from the UMES School of Pharmacy in 2014. He did his undergraduate work in Biology at Salisbury University in 2000 and started working for Intervet (now Merck Animal Health) upon graduation until 2008. Matthew earned a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics from Johns Hopkins University. While working on his Master’s, he conducted research in Intervet’s companion animal division to develop vaccines.
“Matt has already proven to be a remarkable addition to our team,” said Jeff Sherr, president, Apple Discount Drugs. “His expertise and experience in the pharmaceutical industry enhances our holistic approach to treating all of our customers’ healthcare needs.”
The decision to become a pharmacist happened after Matthew saw what his father (also a pharmacist at Apple Discount Drugs) did for his friend who experienced several car accidents caused by epileptic seizures. After a physician increased his dosage of anti-seizure medication, Matt asked his father to talk to him. After a short conversation, they discovered the medication was causing extreme drowsiness and his friend was drinking massive quantities of caffeine to stay awake. Unfortunately, the caffeine was rendering the medication ineffective which was leading the physician to increase the dose. Matthew’s father recommended his friend talk to his doctor about changing medications and they were able to find one that worked without the side effects.
“I believe pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals,” said Balish. “People should take advantage of this and talk to their pharmacist and develop a relationship.”
Matthew is the Co-Chair of the Advocacy Committee for the Maryland Pharmacist Association, the co-editor of the Maryland Pharmacist Association Law Book, the Pharmacist Association’s Vice Speaker of the House of Delegates and sits on the MPhA Board of Trustees. While in pharmacy school, Matthew did NIH research on viral infections of the eye and has been published in eight scientific journals in addition to presenting at two national conferences and one international conference. He also lobbied legislators in favor of the MD Pharmacists Bill to allow pharmacies to provide drug take back boxes in pharmacy locations.
Matthew lives in Salisbury with his wife Anne, and two children, Liam, 8, and Emily, 4. In his free time he enjoys working on old cars, reading and fishing.
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