Personal Wellness Celebrates New Location with Ribbon Cutting

A sizeable crowd of Salisbury Area Chamber members, clients and staff of the Personal Wellness Center gathered on September 8, 2017 to celebrate their new location and expanded services with a ribbon cutting and open house.
Since its inception in 2004, The Personal Wellness Center’s mission has been to inspire people to make choices that help them create wellness and success in their lives. Over the years, the Personal Wellness Center has expanded their innovative and customized approaches to meet each client’s individual needs and challenges. Those approaches now include: Acupuncture, Bioelectrophy, Bach Flowers, Counseling ,Clinical Hypnosis, Far Infared Therapy – Biomat, Life Coaching, Massage Therapy, Mindfulness meditation, Nutritional Coaching, Reiki and energy therapies, REWOT (Relaxation Exercise with Oxygen), Wellness in the Workplace, and Yoga.

At the start of the event, Owner and Clinical Director, Veronica Correa, welcomed guests with gratitude and the story behind the inception of the Personal Wellness Center. “It came out of misery; I was suffering,” Correa explained. “I was suffering from insomnia. Medication was not working, so I kept looking and searching. I went to all kinds of training – anything that said ‘This will make you better.’” Through her training, Correa learned techniques that she could also share with her clients and that yielded impressive results. “Out of misery and suffering, something beautiful came about,” said Correa.
As demand for wellness services grew, the need to move to a larger space was evident. “When we moved to this new building, it feels like a vision has come true,” Correa exclaimed. She insisted that the expansion couldn’t have happened without the support of her husband, Rafael, who could see her vision and put it together in the new building. She also thanked her children, mother, staff and clients, all of whom provided such amazing support.
In closing, Correa noted, “Now, we have this place which provides an atmosphere where we can help people to be better because everybody deserves a great life.”



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