Salisbury University Move In Day August 24

Mayor Jake Day would like to welcome all incoming and returning students to Salisbury for the annual Salisbury University ‘Move In’ day which will be taking place all day tomorrow, August 24, 2017.

As we prepare to welcome the students, expect delays while traveling throughout Salisbury, specifically around the Camden Avenue and surrounding neighborhoods. While there will be no full road closures, there will be partial lane closures that could alter traffic patterns. Taking into account the increased pedestrian traffic, it is important to remember that in cross walks pedestrians have the right away.

Move in day is a wonderful opportunity to get to know your new neighbors and welcome them to Salisbury, Maryland’s Costal College Town. After getting to know the new faces next door, it is important to establish a dialogue and to have open lines of communication in order to address any concerns should they arise. Salisbury University is proud have a Town Gown Council to facilitate student involvement and integration within our community. The Council also exists to help educate residents and students on how to be conscientious neighbors by acting responsibly and enjoy all that our vibrant community has to offer. Along with getting to know your new neighbors, it is paramount that all continue to look out for each other and are respectful and courteous.

Mayor Day said, “While there are many things that set us apart such as being home to a world class university, the key to our success is that we have active citizens who take ownership in our community. We need your support day in and day out to continue to make Salisbury an even more welcoming place that all of us are proud to call home.”


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