Gov. Larry Hogan to Help PRMC Launch New Power Plant

Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) received a $494,320.00 Combined Heat & Power (CHP) grant from the Maryland Energy Administration to renovate their existing heating system. CHP systems generate electricity and useful thermal energy in a single, integrated system. Traditional separate heating and power systems may yield a combined efficiency of 45 percent; however, a CHP system can operate at levels as high as 80% percent efficiency. PRMC’s new system is composed of natural gas-fired reciprocating internal combustion engines, and recovered waste heat will be used to provide space heating and domestic hot water. This new CHP system is expected to have an annual generation of over 26 million kilowatt hours, providing a projected annual electric cost savings of $415,086. Additionally, the projected annual natural gas costs savings will total $324,705. This energy efficiency project will see a payback in just over 7 years. PRMC is Maryland’s Eastern Shore’s largest, most advanced tertiary care facility, with 3,300 physicians, staff and volunteers that provide care to nearly 500,000 patients.

Additionally, the Maryland Energy Administration will announce the launch of the State’s fiscal year 2018 Combined Heat and Power grant, which will be the largest to date, $5.5 million.

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