Mark your calendars– our YPs are having a mixer Aug. 2 Sponsored by the Perdue Generations Resource Group

Sponsored by the Perdue Generations Associate Resource Group, this event will be a fun, informative opportunity to network after hours.

“Millennials are now over half of the working population and they are different from previous generations, just like Gen X and Baby Boomers were before them. However, regardless of generation, people want to be respected, recognized and remembered as well as coached, consulted and connected. Learn about what Perdue’s Generations Associate Resource Group is doing to emphasize the positive attributes of each unique generation and utilize all of them to ensure an inclusive work environment.”
-Perdue Generations Associate Resource Group

Not just for Young Professionals, seasoned professionals are welcome as well! Events such as this one are excellent for generation of high quality referrals and leads to potential clients. Business people who take part in SACC mixers are highly motivated, knowledgeable experts in their fields. The potential for joint ventures, partnerships, and connections with influential figures is increased exponentially with attendance. Being present and visible is a substantial benefit of networking to assist in reputation through the community. The Salisbury Area Chamber is dedicated to strengthening, broadening and fortifying members business relationships and commerce through exciting, fun occasions such as this one.

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