The SACC Wants Your Feedback on Wind Power on the Shore!

How much do you know about the benefits of wind power? What would you like to learn? Are you informed about the projects coming to the area? We want to know your feelings, help answer your questions, and assist with advocating education on the beneficial project.

Some background knowledge!

The planned endeavor for wind energy here on the Eastern Shore is offshore wind turbines. Offshore wind power refers to the construction of wind farms in large bodies of water to generate electric power. These installations can utilize the more frequent and powerful winds that are available in these locations and have less aesthetic impact on the landscape than land based projects.

Helpful facts!

  • Wind power has been a source of electrical energy since 1887.
    • Equivalent number of average American homes powered in a year by current installed wind capacity: 25 million
    • Wind energy’s percentage share of power capacity additions in 2015: 41%
    • Total number of operating utility-scale wind turbines: >53,000
    • Number of U.S. states with operating utility-scale wind energy projects: 41 plus Guam and Puerto Rico
    • Number of wind-related jobs in the U.S. at the end of 2016, across fields such as development, construction, transportation, manufacturing, operations, services: more than 100,000

Companies US Wind, Inc. and Deepwater Wind will begin the first of these offshore wind projects near Ocean City in the coming years. US Wind, Inc.’s project is expected to produce power for more than 500,000 homes, and generate jobs around the state. The Skipjack Wind Farm by Deepwater Wind is expected to generate well over $100 million dollars in economic benefits for Maryland. The placement of both companies’ turbines will mean new manufacturers in the region, and the need for countless ancillary services ranging from housing, hotels, food and beverage, printing, retail, etc.

The ventures have been approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission.

The SACC wants to know how the community and businesses of the area feel about this exciting undertaking, and would like to provide education about this potential boon for local economy. A briefing and seminar is being planned in the upcoming months. Please send us any feedback you may have at or call 410.749.0144.

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