Lower Shore Enterprises Celebrates 50 Years of Service

On May 16th, 2017, Lower Shore Enterprises (LSE) hosted a Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce Business After to celebrate LSE’s  50th anniversary of service.  In his remarks to guests, LSE’s CEO, Bill Turner, explained that LSE is the oldest provider for the developmentally disabled on the Shore and what that entails.  They provide document destruction (shredding) services, a mail production department, production services (assembling and packaging small parts) and custodial crews – all of which are utilized by and available for area businesses and municipalities.  LSE also has a career development center to help individuals develop workforce skills while seeking employment in the community.  Turner explained, “These folks want to work; they need to work. Like anyone else, they love to be part of the community and earn a paycheck.”

In addition to a sizable crowd of Chamber members and local dignitaries, guests included former Lower Shore Enterprises CEOs Mike Purkey and Jack Heath.  Purkey, the current Director of Deaf Independent Living Association, and Salisbury City Council Member, Heath, both spoke fondly of their time at the LSE helm. They agreed that the staff and consumers are some of the most pleasant and hard-working people they’ve ever known.

To learn more about Lower Shore Enterprises and how your business might benefit from what they do best, visit their website at http://www.lseworks.org/

Pictured above, from the left, are, LSE CEO Bill Turner, Linda Heath, Jack Heath and Kim Gscheidle, Eastern Shore Regional Director for the Developmental Disabilities Administration

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