SACC Members & MD 211

Community Program Partnership with the SACC & Life Crisis Center

Find out if your business is eligible to be listed with MD 2-1-1!

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ABOUT Maryland 2-1-1:

The purpose of MD 211 is to connect Maryland residents with easy access to information on health and human services and critical incidents.

The Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Life Crisis Center to assist them in enhancing their Maryland 211 program by further expanding their database to include senior and elder care resources that are available in our region. The mission of MD 211 is to serve as a statewide resource always available by telephone and internet to connect citizens to health and human resources at any time, a resource for government officials to make information available to Marylanders in the event of natural disasters or man-made incidents, and a way for Marylanders to connect with opportunities to offer help to others.

In order to ensure that MD 211 has a comprehensive resource guide for the Salisbury area, the Chamber is reaching out to our members who may offer services, programs, or products that are relevant to the mission of MD 211 that are specifically related to eldercare services. Examples of businesses and organizations that could be included in this database include nursing homes & assisted living facilities, financial planners, attorneys, and other senior and elder care resources.

Not sure if your company or organization would be eligible to be listed in the database? Please

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