Operation We Care Supports the America’s VetDogs Program

Operation We Care recently donated two travel kennels and a stainless steel vet scale to support America’s VetDogs Program at the Eastern Correctional Institution.thumbnail_operation-we-care-vetdogs

“Maintaining a dog’s weight is important to a good quality life,” said Lt. PJ Stephenson, coordinator of the America’s VetDogs program. “The healthier the dogs are, the longer they will live and be able to continue working.”

The items will also assist in creating real-life situations for the dogs. “The dog scale donation will allow us to get more accurate weights, which means healthier dogs,” said Kellyn Layton, America’s VetDogs trainer. “It will also give exposure to something the dogs will experience at the vet’s office to better perfect behavior for our veterans during routine health visits.”

“Operation We Care supports America’s VetDogs program because they provide a vital service to our veteran population, as well as providing an opportunity for the inmates at ECI to support our veterans, “ said Jeff Merritt, Executive Director of Operation We Care. “It’s a win-win on all sides.”

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