Chamber Challenge for Young Professionals

The Chamber views you,  the Young Professionals involved in our organization, as the future of our community.  It is through your vision and determination that our community will grow.  I want to tap into some of that creativity and your connections!   So we have developed a Challenge!  Help us grow!!!!

Over the course of the next 6 weeks we challenge you to help me meet potential members.  You open the door  or start the conversation and you could be the winner of a prize.

How does it work?

If you meet someone ask “are you a Chamber member?”  Tell them why you are one.  Hand them my business card (available at the Chamber)

  • Just give them the card and drop me an email telling me who you met.
  • Give them a card and ask if I can call them, drop me an email with their contact info including business
  • You ask them to join and you or I close the deal!

I will keep track of your connections as you email them to me and there will be 3 prizes awarded.

  • The person with the most cards given ( I will need the contacts name and business)
  • The person that had the most introductions / referrals made to me
  • The person with the most closed sales

You don’t need to use business cards, but they are a helpful reminder to participate in the Challenge!

I promise, the prizes will be usable by anyone!

Help us grow our Chamber base and increase our regional voice!!

Any questions, feel free to contact me, or to pick up cards etc. stop by as they are in my office.

 Thank you!

 Cathie Thomas

Director of Member Services

Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce


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