Annie’s Project Announces 2016 Programs

Annie’s Project has announced 2016 programs.  This year in addition to the Regional Conference and Annie’s Project, Annie’s suppers will also be included to provide additional educational opportunities with a more flexible schedule.

Annie’s Project focuses on the many aspects of farm management and is designed to empower women in overall farm decision making and to build local networks throughout the state. The target audience is women with a passion for business, agriculture and involvement in the farm operation.  Topics for the area of Risk Management – Production, Marketing, Financial, Legal Risk, Human Resources. Classes will be offered in different formats and locations around Maryland including Cecil County, Howard County, Lower Eastern Shore, MidShore and Southern Maryland. For more information on specific classes visit

Programs are a collaboration of the University of Maryland Extension, Delaware Cooperative Extension, Delaware State Extension, Virginia Tech and Rutgers Cooperative Extension.  Registration details are available at or call 410-822-1244 or email  Programs are open to all, if you require special assistance to attend the classes please contact organizers at least two weeks prior.

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