Apple Discount Drugs Offer Medicare Mentors to Help Customers Understand Options with Medicare Prescriptions Plans

Open enrollment for Medicare Part D (prescription plans) runs from now until December 7, 2015.  The window of opportunity to change plans doesn’t last long and people tend to panic because they don’t know what their options are.  What works best with their plan?  What will save them money?  The process can be confusing especially with people being inundated with television ads and infomercials with misleading information about Medicare plans.

“We want to help people understand their options so they can make informed decisions about their Medicare plan,” said Jeff Sherr, president, Apple Discount Drugs.  “Each person is unique.  Medicare does not come in a one size fits all package.  Apple can help patients choose the best plan for them depending on the prescriptions they are taking.”

In many cases, a small medication change from a brand name to a generic or switching from one plan to another can save the patient thousands of dollars.  An Apple Discount Drugs Clinical Pharmacist is available to meet with individuals one-on-one to review a medication list and make recommendations to the prescriber for the best plan that fits their needs and can also save the patient thousands of dollars annually.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call Apple Discount Drugs at 410/749-8401 and ask for Apple’s Clinical Pharmacist, Geoff Twigg.

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