Laurel Middle School Looking for Support for Emotional Disturbance Program

Laurel Middle School has recently redesigned their emotional disturbance program for the 2015-2016 school year. The program will now fully incorporate positive social interaction skill building, as well as an intensive common core aligned academic experience. Daily students are required to manage their mannerisms, improve these mannerisms and demonstrate growth. Students are also required to interact academically in very rigorous lessons, designed to maximize student achievement and potential. The subgroup of students derive from a series of emotional difficult backgrounds.

These students have a history of going without positive supports, interactions, and rewards. Laurel School District is reaching out for donations of any kind. The program implements daily rewards such as: edible items, unique school utensils, and personal request items. The program would like to expand to integrated field trips, science experiments, fun Friday activities, and other growth experiences. All incentives received by the student must be earned and this program has been implemented and proven valid at an alternative location in the past. However we do require additional funds, and heart felt donations to ensure the continuation of the program to its fullest potential.

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