Discover the Dinosaurs Event at Civic Center

Discover the Dinosaurs, a hands on exhibit featuring animatronic and museum quality dinosaur replicas roars into the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center September 19 & 20.

Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Period and prehistoric times come back to life with the 20 foot T-Rex, life size Triceratops, Iguanodon, Apatosaurus and Stegosaurus. The interactive touring exhibit showcases museum quality pieces along with moving animatronic dinosaurs in their natural environment. The exhibit is scheduled to travel across the country in 2015 and will bring the favorite dinosaurs of the Jurassic Period directly to kids.

Kids and families are encouraged to get up close and touch some of the dinosaurs on display, an opportunity which isn’t usually available in museum exhibits and other dinosaur events. Kids will be able to interact with the new baby Velociraptor and even pet his head. This is the cornerstone of Discover the Dinosaurs.

Exhibit Only admission* includes Dinosaur Exhibit, Dino Dig, Dino Den, Dino Theater, Dino Coloring Area and Scavenger Hunt.

Exhibit Plus admission* includes the Dinosaur Exhibit, plus unlimited Dinosaur Rides, Mini Golf and Inflatables. Gem & Fossil Mining and Face Painting are available for additional charge.

School age children love dinosaurs and Discover the Dinosaurs engages the imaginations of kids to learn. The exhibit gives kids the hands on opportunity to touch a dinosaur and even ride on the back of a T-Rex. Additional activities and attractions make spending the day with dinosaurs fun for the entire family. Learn-Touch-Ride at Discover the Dinosaurs.


Exhibit runs Saturday, September 19, 10 a.m. – 7p.m. & Sunday, September 20, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

*Admission: Adults 13 Years & Older $18, Seniors 65+ $16, Children 2-12 *Exhibit Plus $22,

Children 2-12 *Exhibit Only $16, Children 24 Months & Under FREE (*taxes included)

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