Chamber Rolls Out 10 To 0 Program!

What is 10 to 0?  It is our new thank you program.

Our Chamber has always thanked those that have helped us to grow.  In the past we have given each person that we know referred a new member a nice, crisp $20 Chamber Buck.  We will continue to do that, but now we have added a new challenge.  For every representative that brings in 10 new members in one year we will waive their Chamber dues for the following year!  That’s right, 10 new members = $0 Dues!!  10 to 0 !!  Simple, right?  The member will still receive a $20 Chamber Buck with each new member AND will receive a $50 restaurant gift card when the 10th new member pays their dues.

So take a moment to listen to one of your favorite clients or customers.  See if they have concerns that you believe that the Chamber can help them with.  Marketing issues? Networking needs?  Just take that next step and say “Consider joining the Chamber, I am a member! Give them a call and tell them I sent you.”  As Cathie Thomas always says, sheep make sheep, not shepherds!

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